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Ever get the feeling you are hiding away from the life you actually want? Living a life quite different than the one you once pictured for yourself? Much smaller than the one you know you truly deserve. Are you sick of putting everyone else first? Do you long to do something just for you for a change?

Something BIG, and BOLD, and BRAVE?

You are not alone, thousands of women over the last few years have told me they feel exactly like this. Not knowing exactly what is holding them back, perhaps feelings of not being worthy of happiness, or being scared of change, or being judged by others...basically just knowing that something is up and that something needs to change.

Is it time to step out from the shadows and start live a bigger better life? Let me show you how with my transformational and life affirming programme STOP PLAYING SMALL based on the principles of my most recent book Living a Bigger Life.

Is it time to get closer to who you are as a woman, to get clear on your goals, and to start showing up more in the world?

This 6 Week Programme Will Help You:

Identify what you really want from life, in terms of health, wealth and happiness...and in business if you have one.

Work out what's holding you back and how to get your life flowing again with ease

Stop playing small so you can just get out there and live your dreams, whatever they may be

Ready to focus on you for a change? 

This intensive, but oh so supportive programme includes,

- Get STARTed Session (to ease you into the work)

- 6 Weeks of Coaching

- Stop Playing Small Workbook

- Lifetime access to a private Facebook Community

- Bonus BIG FAT STUPID GOALS Webinar (with surprise guests)

- 90 Day Planning Exercise

And then, after the programme comes to an end you get the option to stay in the community for FREE ongoing support....and regular reviews of your goals.

We have some awesome women already in there supporting each other, cheering each other on and working on their Big Fat Stupid Goals...everything from round the world sailing adventures, to standing up for themselves more at work.

You will never find a bunch of more friendly, non judgemental women online.

Who is this Julie Creffield Bird?

 Julie is the award winning blogger behind The Fat Girls Guide to Running, a global movement which has inspired thousands of women to achieve their goals.

As an established author, motivational speaker and life/biz coach Julie has overcome enormous obstacles in life in order to design a life that truly inspires her.

She is the East London based, no bullshit transformational coach for women who know there simply has to be more to life and are willing to go get it.

In 2014 Julie found herself unemployed and a single parent and decided to stop making excuse and take back her life, proving her biggest critics wrong.

Julie has worked with more than 10,000 women to help transform their lives, all while trying to transform her own...she dares you to come on this exciting (and somewhat scary) journey with her.

You ready to STOP PLAYING SMALL...and start LIVING BIGGER?