But imagine if she woke up one day and just decided stop with the constant battle to become physically smaller

And instead focused on actually liking herself, by taking proper care of her mind, body and soul.  

Crazy thought right?  

Imagine a world where women use the time, energy and resources that were once spent on dieting on making the world a better, healthier, happier place? A world where people were not judged on how they looked but on what contribution they made to the world….or perhaps not even judged at all.  

I have this theory that if women simply gave up the concept of dieting the majority of us would actually find our natural body weight, get stronger, & feel more confident in our own skin. 

So the question is....

Are you ready for something different?

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to stop dieting, and start living.

What does the programme cover?

This 8 week online programme gives women an opportunity to explore their relationship with themselves in a safe and supportive environment with a bunch of women who really understand the struggle, and a coach who is there to support and hold your hand the whole way through. With a weekly coaching video, Facebook live Q&A sessions, guest experts, downloadable resourses and a fun weekend challenge...the question isn't what do you have to lose? It's what do you have to gain? 

Radical Self Love 

Start learning how to truly take care of and value yourself exactly as you are, so that others in your life can too 

Joyful Movement

Work out what kind of exercise you are going to enjoy and stick to, it should be fun and uplifting, not punishment

Bigger Picture 

Explore just how damaging traditional diet mentality can be, not only for you, but for the ones you love...and let's change that dynamic.

Mindful Fueling

Stop seeing food as the enemy, and instead become more considered over what you put in your mouth and why

Self Management

Increase awareness of how you spend your time, energy and effort on achieving your goals, and learn tools to be more productive.

Moving Forward

Learn how to implement the lessons from this course longterm and put together a plan to continue with your more fulfilling life.

Are you ready to feel better in yourself?

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My name is Julie Creffield & 


I am a transformational life coach, motivational speaker and fitness writer who has worked with more than 10,000 women to achieve their health and happiness goals.  

As founder of the award winning blog The Fat Girls Guide to Running, I am passionate about supporting women to be the best version of themselves regardless of their size.  

I am the 40 year old single mum who spent 20 years of her life trying not to be FAT (and hating myself in the process.)

But since 2012 I have completed 3 marathons, a 40 mile ultramarathon, 30+ half marathons, Tough Mudders, Spartans and Triathlons...I enjoy CrossFit, Cycling, Swimming and (some of the time) yoga.  

My health and happiness goals are now around being strong, stable and successful across all areas of my life....and being a good role model to my 5 year old daughter.

Based in East London, my no bullshit approach to health and happiness has gained me thousands of fans across the globe and a loyal tribe of clients.

Plus NEW for 2019...

Supporting this programme throughout as a permanant guest expert is the absolutely brilliant MNU Certified Nutritionist Nikki Haggett.  

Nikki will be providing weekly live coaching calls, resources, and answers to all of your nutrition questions from a non-diet and Health at Every Size perspective.  

Nikki has been on her own journey with jumping on and off the diet rollercoaster (you name it, she's tried it!) before finally finding peace with her relationship with food and her body through focussing on healthy habits, movement, and building a rich and meaningful life away from the calorie trackers and meal plans.  

Nikki believes in supporting women to meet their health goals through evidence-based nutrition advice and coaching. She is also a mum to two little boys, an amateur weightlifter, a yoga enthusiast, and a (somewhat sporadic) runner.  

This programme is for women who... 

Have been told they are overweight or have hang ups about their bodies 

Want to improve their health & happiness  

Are done with putting their lives on hold

Have experience of YoYo Dieting  

Want to feel better about themselves  

Believe the diet industry needs to change  

Are passionate about empowering other women  

Want to be good role models to girls who come behind them  

98.4% of women in the pilot said they would reccomend the programme to a friend  

93.4% said the programme improved their health & happiness  

45% of women are choosing to stay for a 2nd round, 15% have upgraded to work with me on one of my other programmes

What do women say about the programme?

I’ve actually managed to break through the diet mindset. Being thin isn’t the ultimate aim anymore, contentment is.

I have a more positive inner voice, which is starting to challenge my inner critic.

I have always been really hard on myself. The programme has made me realise that I am perfect the way I am. I now look in a mirror proudly everyday.

 I will never diet again, I am so much more than how I look

This programme has made me realise that I can choose my own path

Looking at things from a different perspective, has enabled me to change the way I think and the way I respond to life

Wild swimming in Skye in my underwear and realising that it was fabulous and no one noticed or cared what I looked like - including me, thats what this programme has done for me

I've learned to be my own friend and know that I am worth the effort

Need a bit more convincing? Check out my recent TEDx talk about Living a Bigger Life without dieting

What you waiting for? Join us before the price goes up in February!!!

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