Are you too embarrassed to join a running club for fear of getting left behind? Perhaps you have been running for a while now but are sick of always being the slow one plodding at the back? Or maybe you are just done with being dead last at every event you enter.  

Well now is the time to pull on your big girl superhero pants, summon your inner warrior princess and unleash the beast inside you in an exciting, awe inspiring quest to discover your faster than you ever imagined 5K.  

My Scream if you want to Run Faster programme has helped more than 300 women improve their 5k times and dispels the myth that improving your running speed as a plus sized runner is impossible. With its 7 simple techniques and the accountability of doing this in a group this programme will absolutely transform your pace and running confidence...and in less than 60 days. 

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Women who have completed this programme have knocked an average of 5% off their time, with many knocking more than 5 minutes off their 5K baselines.  

We are so confident in this programme we offer a full money back guarantee if you complete the course and do not see any speed improvement.  



As you work through the programme you'll see an improvement in your fitness and your strength.


It's not just about running as fast as you can for as far as you can, you'll learn new tips to switch up your training.


You'll make new running friends, whether local or virtual giving you a whole new circle to train with.


Your confidence as a runner will improve, you'll believe you can do it because you will see the changes every day.


We'll keep you accountable and you'll find yourself running more often, which can only be a good thing!


Your understanding of form will change and improve as you work through the programme.

And most importantly, it will get you running faster

"I’ve continued to improve even more since the end of the programme and I tell you what.. going faster is making me stronger, and I’m tolerating the longer runs even better. Best thing I’ve ever done for my running!" - Dawn

This programme has made such a difference to my running... It made me believe that I didn’t need to be a one speed queen. I can go faster for spurts which has brought my time down really nicely. Yes I do need to go back to plod afterwards BUT the slow plods are getting shorter! Thanks xXx - Jo

Look at the results... In October 2016 I went from 43.27 to 33.40 using these techniques, that's almost 10 minutes off.  

The average 5K time at the start was 40.05 and 8 weeks later the average was 36.46.  

9% ran their first sub 30 minute 5K…I know thats something I’m working towards.  

The average improvement was 8% with an average of 3 minutes and 19 seconds….one lady Helen knocked a whopping 15% off.  

About Julie Creffield

Julie is the plus sized athlete, life coach and entrepreneur behind the global Too Fat to Run movement and is from Stratford in East London. She is best known for her humorous writing about the issues facing plus sized runners and is the brains behind the successful blog , where she supports plus sized runners from across the world, but she is also a freelance journalist, and professional keynote speaker on the issues of obesity and inactivity in adult women.  

There are only 100 places available to start in October. 

Will you be one of them? 

Are you ready to work with an inspiring group of women to improve your speed, increase your fitness, make a whole pile of new running buddies and all in less than 60 days?


Why put off taking your 5K speed to the next level? You can join us right now for only £39.99. 

The programme comes with a full money back guarantee.

 The 60 day programme costs just  


if you join today.

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