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Most participants in the last cohort of this challenge agreed that the value of this programme was £250 or more

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This is a challenge for action tacking entrepreneurs who are ready to make some NOW!!!!


The "Grand in your Hand"Challenge 

Ever been in a position where you need to make money quick in your business, to cover an unexpected bill or to pay for an urgent business expense, course or oveseas trip?

Or perhaps you have just been fart arsing around for far to long without monetising your skills and talents, and need a kick up the backside to actually make some money and quick?

I've got you.

Seriously guys, I know what making £1000 can do for a small business owners confidence after a quiet period.

I know what that kind of traction can mean for momentum moving forward.

It allows you to be able to breathe right?

My tried and tested 7 day income generating challenge "A grand in your hand" is the proven system I use whenever I need a cash injection, or want to test a new income stream in my is my go to strategy for giving my business a boost whenerver its feeling a bit flat.

In the last round of the challenge it helped make a collective sum of £60,000+ for folks in the lady who had never even heard of me a few days prior made £13,000 with ease.

It's fast, its furious, and best of all it takes the emotion out of selling and provides HUGE value to your customers.

You choose the amount of money you want to generate £1000 or £10,000 (the system works regardless of the amount)...and you get to spend it on whatever you want judgement.

I used this system back in May 2018 to have my first £15K month after wanting to invest in a £6000 business retreat in Mexico with transformational coach Lisa Nichols (I've just got back and it was life changing btw)...and I've also used it to pay for unexpected bills, coaching programmes I've wanted to sign up to, and in the early days to buy school uniforms and to cover last minute holiday spending after an unexpected bill.

It works!!!

This programme is perfect for you if in the last 30 days you have experienced any of the following...

- Procrastination

- Fear of selling

- Visibility problems

- Lack of clarity

- Little to no momentum

- Cash flow issues

- Confusion over business model

Or you've simply been thinking of your business more as a hobby recently.

Hey look, we have all been there...and the months leading into the holiday period can be super tricky as we deal with the "but nobody buys stuff in the lead up to Xmas???" bullshit....but its a new year now, so there really is no excuse.

Don't hide in your cave waiting for opportunities and clients to come to you, take some inspired action and let me help you fall back in love with your business.

65 Small Business Owners Have Registered So Far!!

This 10 Day Programme will give you:

A repeatable income generating system you can use over and over again

Proven social media marketing techniques that grow your tribe

Accountability to get your products and services out to the people that need them

Ready to make more money from your existing skills and client base?

This intensive, but oh so supportive programme includes,

- Two week access to a private pop up Facebook Community

- 10 Daily Training Videos

- 5 FB Live Q&A sessions

- 1 Live Webinar 

- 10 social media algorythm boosting strategies

- Printable "10 Day" Prompt Sheet

- Opportunity to sell your stuff to a bunch of other entrepreneurs

- Full breakdown of my recent £14,000 Tribe Builder launch (numbers and everything)

So who is this Julie Creffield Bird?

 Julie is the award winning blogger, social entrepreneur and business strategist who has inspired thousands of women around the world to achieve their business and life goals.

As an established author, motivational speaker and 6 figure life/biz coach Julie has overcome enormous obstacles in life in order to design a life that truly inspires her.

In 2014 Julie found herself unemployed and a single parent and decided to stop making excuse and take back her life, proving her biggest critics wrong.

Being able to generate cash FAST has been crucial to this, she continues to use this system to grow her business.

Let's do this!!!

65 Small Business Owners Registered so far for the challenge