Julie's 10 Day Instagram Challenge

Make time for an AWESOME 2018

Hands up if you are kinda happy that Xmas is out of the way? Are you a little bit exausted by it all? A bit underwhelmed by 2017 and perhaps a little overwhelmed by all you want to do in 2018?

I have just the thing....

Join me for my 10 day "Make Time for an Awesome 2018" Instagram challenge which will help you set your goals & intentions for the next year and more importantly make space in your life to actually achieve them for a change. 

With daily prompts, FREE downloadable resources plus the chance to win a place on my 10 week Mastermind up for grabs, what have you got to lose?

Other than all of those annoying time sucking habits and self doubting beliefs that get in the way of you living the life you really want to live?

We start on the 1st January